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Many colleges and universities provide ESL courses and language support services to international students or non-native English-speaking members of the academic community. 

To find English learning resources at your City college:

1. Visit the websites of local community colleges or universities in your area. Many community colleges strive to make education accessible to all, and as a result, some ESL programs may be free of charge or offered at a minimal cost. Eligibility for free or low-cost ESL programs may vary depending on your residency status, income level, or specific college policies.


2. Look for dedicated language departments or ESL programs within these institutions. Mission College, for example, offers ESL courses suitable for individuals at different language proficiency levels.


3. Explore the course catalogs and schedules to find English language courses that align with your learning goals.


Example Resources:

Mission College ESL Program


Mission College offers ESL courses designed to help non-native English speakers improve their language skills. The program provides a supportive learning environment and experienced instructors.



Foothill College ESL

Foothill College provides English as a Second Language (ESL) programs and courses designed to help students develop their English language proficiency.


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