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Volunteer stories

Embracing the Power of Volunteering: A Journey of Growth and Connection

Career Pathway Institute is a strong supportive community of working professionals and business leaders, who can relate to the problems and frustrations of internationals. They have been there, know how hard it was, and are ready to share their knowledge and resources to support others.

As I sat among fellow volunteers at the Volunteering Club hosted by Kate Khatseyeva at Career Pathway Institute just two weeks ago, I found myself reflecting on the profound impact that volunteering has had on my life. Having relocated to San Francisco 1.5 years ago, I initially struggled to grasp the significance of volunteer work in society. Little did I know then that it would soon become an integral part of my journey, transforming my perspective and enriching my experiences in ways I never imagined.

Here are the top three reasons why I've come to believe in the transformative power of volunteering:

Connecting with Like-Minded Souls: Volunteering is more than just lending a helping hand; it's about forging meaningful connections with individuals who share a passion for making a difference. Whether it's serving as a Tea Bar Volunteer at The Center SF, contributing as an ASC Downtown Officer, or collaborating with organizations like Global Leadership Organization and Career Pathway Institute, I've had the privilege of encountering inspiring souls from diverse backgrounds, each driven by a common desire to create positive change.

Skill Enhancement & Personal Growth: Volunteer work is an excellent way to hone skills, whether you're expanding on existing expertise or diving into new territory. It has offered me invaluable opportunities to hone existing skills such as project management while also acquiring new ones like public speaking and marketing. Moreover, my volunteer experiences have introduced me to a range of subjects, from consent and tantra to California law and neurocoaching, thanks to the passionate people I've met along the way.

Paying It Forward and Creating Meaningful Impact: I think everyone has a special role to play in making the world better, no matter how big or small. Whether it's helping people find their strengths, sparking new interests, or making places where people can grow and feel safe, the good things we do have a lasting impact. Seeing the positive results of what I've done feels really good and makes me want to keep helping others even more.

As I look ahead, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities that volunteering has afforded me and inspired me to continue my quest to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Join Career Pathway Institute (CPI) today and immerse yourself in a vibrant community of growth, connections, and endless opportunities 🤝

Alexandra Soldatenko

With CPI's help, I found a job in the USA!

I moved to San Francisco in December 2022 and had a tough time finding work at first. I wanted to understand how American job-hunting works. So, I decided to talk more to local folks and professionals who've been here a while. A new friend invited me to a real-life event at Stanford, put together by the Career Pathway Institute. They help immigrants like me find jobs in the USA.

At this event, I met many friendly people who shared my goals. We talked about making our LinkedIn profiles better and more professional. The person who spoke at the event, Eugeniya, gave us some really helpful tips for improving our LinkedIn profiles. I put all those tips into my profile right away, and my LinkedIn page looked much better and more convincing.

This made a big difference in helping me land my first job in the US, and it made me seem like I knew what I was doing here.

Kate Ferman

Ainura Abduzhabbar kyzy

Getting your career back on track or starting a new one when you move to the United States as a dependent visa holder can be very challenging for many people recently.
Ainura, our volunteer, moved to the United States from Switzerland two and a half years ago with her family because of her husband's job at Stanford. Ainura came as a dependent on a J2 visa and has a bachelor's degree in Psychology. After graduating, she worked with children who have autism.
While in Switzerland, she studied at the local university to learn French because she needed to speak the local language. Upon moving to Silicon Valley, Ainura decided to transition into the tech industry and started her apprenticeship in data analytics. She faced challenges and adaptations. As a dependent visa holder, it was hard to get a job immediately. All immigrants have to obtain work authorization and build a community or network from scratch.

Ainura found the Career Pathway Institute community and became a volunteer. At the same time, she pursued her apprenticeship. The CPI community helped her acquire technical and soft skills.
By volunteering at CPI, Ainura felt she had an amazing team of professionals with whom she worked on various projects. She collaborated with her team on social media metrics, ran Google ads, and engaged in email marketing. Another factor that helped Ainura develop her skills was the trust and confidence of her manager at CPI, who noticed her mentoring and management skills and began highlighting them. Ainura also mentioned that CPI's internal events, such as Mastermind career coaching and Personal Brand, really helped her build self-confidence.

Marketing Data Analyst,
Ainura Abduzhabbar kyzy

Olya Kim

Hello there! I'm Olya Kim, a neurointegration trainer and coach ICF, on a mission to empower professionals. I completed my neurointegration coaching education and was eager to apply my skills and coach fellow professionals while building a portfolio of success stories.

Enter Career Pathway Institute (CPI), a fantastic platform dedicated to assisting dependent visa holders in navigating their career pathways in the USA. Recognizing the synergy, I decided to collaborate with CPI and launch a Coaching Program that proved to be transformative for professionals seeking.

Self reliance, confidence and determination, strength and understanding of what I want for my career and my life journey in the new country
Throughout the program, participants experienced significant skill enhancement, and it was incredibly fulfilling to witness their growth. What's more, this collaboration allowed me to contribute value to CPI and further refine my coaching expertise.

Post-program, I continued my educational journey in coaching, fueled by the positive outcomes and learning experiences. The collaboration with CPI was undeniably a win-win, fostering mutual growth and success. I'm genuinely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to CPI's mission and elevate my skills as a trainer. Here's to more fruitful collaborations and empowering journeys ahead! 🚀🌟

Olya Kim
Coach ICF, neurointegration trainer

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