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LinkedIn Program

Welcome to the LinkedIn Mastery Course

Are you new to the US job market, an immigrant, or a non-native English speaker? We’ve crafted this course especially for you.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Crafting a Winning Profile: Master the art of creating an impressive LinkedIn profile, even if English isn’t your first language. Learn how to tell your story, use keywords effectively, and create a standout summary.

  2. Building a Strong Network: Grow your connections strategically, engage confidently with your network, and nurture professional relationships.

  3. Content Mastery: Unlock the secrets of creating engaging content on LinkedIn, from posts to personal branding.

  4. Job Hunting Strategies: Optimize your profile for job searches, discover hidden job markets, and make your applications shine.

  5. LinkedIn Etiquette: Navigate LinkedIn with ease, from connection requests to conversations, all while feeling confident in your English communication.


Are you new to LinkedIn? Discover the essential skills you need in our beginner course.


If you're an advanced user aiming to stand out on LinkedIn, our advanced course is your path to success.


"Don't miss the chance to make yourself known among professionals and gain access to the best job opportunities"

In 2023, statistics show that every minute, 8 people secure jobs through LinkedIn, with 52 million individuals utilizing this professional network weekly for job searches. LinkedIn stands out as one of the most popular social networks in the USA. Seventy-two percent of recruiters use it to search for and attract talent to their companies. This network has no equal.

While compelling arguments have been made in favor of the necessity of having a personal account, it's crucial not only to possess your personal account and regularly update information but also to craft and fill in your profile sensibly. The goal is to extract the maximum potential from this network. It's not just about the fact of your existence on LinkedIn; it's about how quickly your profile can be found with specific queries and how its content can help you capture someone's interest and land your dream job.

We've compiled a comprehensive list of recommendations. By following these, you can create an effective LinkedIn profile or optimize an existing one.

LinkedIn opens up vast opportunities, not only for job hunting but also for building your professional network, finding interesting professional contacts, seeking education, and forming connections. In the feed of this professional network, you can always find up-to-date information about your professional field, insightful perspectives, and real-life stories from specialists. Moreover, you can not only read but also discuss any questions you have with someone interesting to you. Literally, one click is all that separates you. Don't miss the chance to make yourself known among professionals and gain access to the best job opportunities.


Julia Tarasova

Career coach, Co-founder GO OFFER

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