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Learning English

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Learning English is an exciting journey that requires access to diverse resources to enhance your language skills. This guide aims to provide an overview of different resource categories, including ESL programs, libraries, adult schools, and colleges. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, this guide will help you discover valuable resources based on your location and preferences.

Beginner + Intermediate

ESL Groups & Clubs


Events & Communities

Mobile Apps

Streaming platforms / TV Shows / Podcasts & bloggers



Online learning


Events & Communities

Advanced streaming platforms


TED Talks

Mobile Apps

Podcasts in English

Newspaper websites

Job & Professional Development


Professional Events & Communities

Job search communities


Professional learning platforms


Business English Platforms

Accent correction apps

Streaming platforms & TED Talks

Professional coaches

Newspapers and Journals


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"Don't let your English hold you back"

I have worked with so many immigrants over the past 20 years, and I have so much respect for the amazing amount of courage that they have. To come to another country, to work as a professional in a non-native language, is a major challenge.  I am so deeply impressed by the way that so many immigrants have risen to the challenge, learned to speak English beautifully, learned the culture and succeeded in their jobs.


I also know that so many of my students have doubts about their ability to learn a new language and set of cultural rules. I know that sometimes it feels like the road to fluent English is endless. But I can promise you that, when you put the time into studying English, you WILL be able to speak, work, and socialize with ease.  


Here is some advice that I have given immigrants over the years:

1) Never forget: Americans do not own English. English is a tool of communication for the entire world, spoken across the globe with many variations and in hundreds of different accents. It is your right to speak it. 


2) Never try to become perfect. It is not necessary. Silicon Valley, for example, has a workplace that is 60% international. We all know that Silicon Valley is one of the most innovative and productive regions in the world, and we also know that  6 out of 10 people here speak “imperfect” English. The world does not need your English to be perfect. The world needs you to be knowledgeable and passionate about your career and your mission.


3) Once you give yourself the freedom to be imperfect, it’s time to dive in and start learning the English that you need and actually enjoy. Make sure to keep it fun. Read an English-language blog in your profession every single day. Listen to a podcast. Sign up for an English class. Keep a notebook with new concepts, ideas, and vocabulary words, and review it every day. Make sure to focus on what you love.


I hope these thoughts help you with your language-learning journey.


Jessica Gerard


Intercultural Communication Coach, English Language Instructor

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