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About Us

Career Pathway Institute is a strong supportive community of working professionals and business leaders, who can relate to the problems and frustrations of internationals. They have been there, know how hard it was, and are ready to share their knowledge and resources to support others.

We organize career workshops, panel discussions with working professionals and hiring managers, career fairs, career coaching and much more. 

We work in partnership with other local and global Nonprofits, sharing resources and empowering internationals, helping them on every step of their career journey, from identifying whom they want to be to the moment they sign their first job offer or open their own business.

Our Mission

Empowering internationals to build careers in the U.S.

Our Vision

We believe every person is a unique individual with unlimited potential. We support internationals in reaching their goals and finding a career path that suits them best. We provide practical help, career development coaching and advice on how to build a career path no matter their immigration status and career gap. We provide useful resources and help to understand the timeline for obtaining a future dream job and use this time wisely building required skills.

Our Values

Empower - we believe and support individuals in finding their own authentic career voice.

Future oriented - we support people with a growth mindset who see the opportunities or create their own.

Innovate - we encourage using all previous experience and background to create a new career path.

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