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Apply for the grant (value of $1k) and participate free of charge

Mindset for Career Success Career Coaching Program (3 month, online)

Coach: Olga Kim

Group: 8 people

Location: Online

Start dates:

March, 1st - May, 30th; next co-hort: in September


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Mindset for Career Success Career Coaching Program
(3 month, online)

Moving to a new country is a significant event for the individual. Putting your career on hold can be stressful and navigating your career path in a new country is not an easy task.

Career Pathway Institute team is committed to help you choose a new career and create an action plan. We help you to navigate through life-changing events, overcome fears, gain self-confidence, and take action to achieve your goals. Your career starts from the right mindset and attitude.

During the program you will be able:

  • to evaluate your mental and physical state and set up habits for high performance

  • to gain confidence and clarity around your goals and actions

  • to create your strategy and action plan for career development

  • to recognise your own value and mission

Our experts combined the best practices and knowledge from Positive Intelligence, Psychology, Coaching and personal experience in a 3 months Career Coaching program.

Learn more via link. 

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