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Learning on the go


Welcome to our Mobile Apps page, where you can explore a variety of language-learning resources conveniently accessible on your smartphone. Whether you're looking to expand your vocabulary or practice speaking, these apps offer interactive and engaging ways to enhance your English skills. Let's explore the options.

Vocabulary building


Enhance your language skills by expanding your vocabulary with these engaging mobile apps:


Duolingo offers gamified language learning exercises and lessons for English learners of all levels, making it an engaging resource for self-paced learning.


Price: Free


Memrise is an English language learning app that offers interactive lessons, vocabulary practice, and cultural insights. The app utilizes spaced repetition and mnemonic techniques to help learners retain and recall new words and phrases effectively.


Price: Free (with optional premium features)

Speaking practice


Practice your spoken English and improve your communication skills with these interactive apps:


HelloTalk connects language learners around the world for language exchange. Chat with native speakers and engage in real conversations to improve your spoken English and cultural understanding.​


Price: Free, with premium features available


Tandem offers language exchange opportunities with native speakers. Connect via text, voice, or video chat to practice your English speaking skills while helping others learn your native language.

Link: Tandem

Price: Free, with optional in-app purchases


iTalki connects you with language teachers for personalized one-on-one lessons via video chat. Improve your speaking and receive individualized feedback from experienced instructors.​

Link: iTalki

Price: Lessons vary in price, depending on the teacher


Babbel focuses on practical conversations and speaking skills. Engage in interactive lessons that emphasize pronunciation and speaking practice in real-life contexts.

Link: Babbel

Price: Subscription-based, with a free trial period

Whether you're looking to build your vocabulary or hone your speaking skills, these mobile apps provide a convenient way to learn English at your own pace. Download the apps that resonate with your learning style and goals, and embark on a language-learning journey wherever you go.

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