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Career Breakthrough League Program

Coach: Isabelle Finger

Start dates: February 2024

Location: Palo Alto/Mountain View + Online

Duration: 6 months

Cadence: Every 3 weeks on Thursday evenings

Time: 5-8pm


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🌟 Welcome to the Career Breakthrough League Program for Expats and International Professionals in the USA! 🌟

Struggling with your career after moving to the US? Feeling lost due to a career break or the complexities of the job market? We get it! In a new country, it's common to feel insecure, lose confidence, and disconnect from your professional network. You are not alone. We are here to provide the support and guidance you need to conquer these challenges and achieve your career goals. Join our exclusive Career Breakthrough League Program!


🔍 What is this program about?

Your Career Breakthrough League is a group of 6-8 people coming together to pursue transformative progress. Together, you share expertise, offer advice, make observations, and provide unwavering support. Although team members may have diverse backgrounds, goals, and perspectives, you are bound by your shared commitment to achieving career progress and supporting one another throughout the process.

Led by Isabelle Finger, a highly accomplished certified Leadership & Career Coach with 20+ years of international leadership experience, this tailored program will help you regain confidence, rebuild your network, and navigate your career path in the US. Isabelle has successfully coached over 50 clients, including those who triumphed in Silicon Valley after a career break or career switch. Moreover, Isabelle has “been there, done that”. She is a career break worrier herself, who has built a successful career at Coursera after relocating to the US, and became the Founding Director of the INSEAD San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation. You can trust her as your expert guide!

✨ Why should you join the Career Breakthrough League?

If you're looking to transform your career, you've come to the right place. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Gain a fresh perspective and clarity on your career path in the USA

  • Connect with a supportive community and a safe space to share

  • Receive guidance from a top-tier coach - in group setting and with up to 2 individual sessions per participants

  • Boost your confidence to pursue your desired career

  • Enhance your leadership and communication skills

  • Gain momentum to achieve a successful career breakthrough

  • Build your mental fitness and resilience to tackle your job search with a free access to the six weeks Positive Intelligence Program created by Stanford Professor Shirzad Chamine (market value $995) - including Apps access and weekly check-ins

  • Last but not least: get access to the beta version of an AI self-coaching tool - access the power of coaching at any time between sessions and for another 3 months after the end of the program

🧐 Is the Career Breakthrough Program for You?

Here’s how to determine:

✅ Non-native English speaker relocated to the USA?
✅ Struggling with a career break or career switch?
✅ Open to guidance and support from a certified coach?
✅ Committed to investing time and effort in career development?
✅ Value a supportive community of like-minded professionals?

If you answered "yes" to these, the Career Breakthrough Program is tailored for your success in the USA. Don't miss out on this chance to rebuild your professional life and achieve the breakthrough you desire.

📝 Career Breakthrough League Program details:

Format: Small group coaching sessions with a bonded group of 6-8 people

Facilitator: Isabelle Finger

Duration: 6 months starting February 2024

Cadence: Every 3 weeks on Thursday evenings (5-8pm)

Location: Palo Alto/Mountain View + Online. Notes: We’d like to have at least the first two sessions in-person to build the trust and relationship with the team. After that, the team can discuss if online sessions are easier and how we can alternate)

🙏 Testimonials

“At the beginning, I was not sure what to expect, but the Career Breakthrough League meetings surprised me positively. They gave me much needed motivation and discipline for preparing for interviews.”

“This program was a great chance for me to practice and improve my English skills, which I think is very important for my career growth.”

“I got many helpful suggestions on how to stay motivated while getting ready for interviews, and also on how to prepare effectively and interact with recruiters.”

“Career Breakthrough League taught me how to realistically evaluate my readiness for job applications, and helped me create a detailed plan for job searching and preparing.”

“It helped me to see my career path from new viewpoints, and I found many useful resources and communities that were very helpful for my personal and professional


“The networking experiences in the program turned out to be much more enjoyable and useful than I expected, making a big difference in my professional journey.

🎟 How much does it cost?

Isabelle is generously offering this program to CPI community for $499 per person (compared to $1,500 market value).

This is an exclusive one-time offer, don’t miss the chance to work with a top-tier Silicon Valley coach for a fraction of her usual rates.

We will not charge you until your spot in the program is confirmed.

🌟 How can I get in? 🌟

Fill in the application form! ⤵️


Please don't stress about the application process! We don't have any specific requirements or expectations for your application. We're simply looking for individuals who have a desire to invest some time in their career and are committed to taking action towards their goals. Priority is given to early applicants though.

Once you've submitted your application, we will thoroughly review it together with Isabelle. We'll then reach out to you within the next 1-2 weeks to schedule a brief chat. Please make sure your email address is spelled correctly in your application so we can easily reach you.

Apply now and take the first step towards your career breakthrough! ✨

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