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LinkedIn Photo


Your photo isn't just an image; it's a powerful statement about your professionalism. An engaging, professional image can significantly boost your profile visits.

Opting for a professional picture can significantly elevate the number of visits to your LinkedIn profile. Without it, your profile may come across as inauthentic or unpolished.


  • Opt for a professional headshot: It attracts 14 times more views.

  • Ensure clarity: Use photos with at least 400x400 pixels in "png" or "jpeg" format.

  • Stay recent: An updated photo reflects an active profile.

  • Solo shots: Just you, your eyes visible, and a hint of a smile.

  • Background matters: A neutral background, preferably white or gray 

  • Attire and grooming: Neutral clothes, minimal accessories, your usual day makeup, and neat hairstyles.


  • Avoid casual settings: No outdoor cafe shots.

  • No passport-style photos

  • Try to avoid excessive accessories, flamboyant outfits, sunglasses, and old school photos.

  • No blurry or back-facing photos.

For objective feedback on your profile picture, services like Photofeeler can be invaluable.

Your LinkedIn profile is more than a digital CV; it's the online embodiment of your professional persona. Take time to ensure it accurately reflects your skills, aspirations, and unique value.
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